Making Tech Services Work

There are ground rules leaders can follow to make technology services work for an organisation.

1. Firstly leaders in the organisation need to take an interest and understand what is happening with technology in the business. If management encounters smokescreens of jargon or vague issue responsibility find partners better able to define their responsibility and deliverables.

2. Resource technology appropriately and consider emerging technology impacts on your strategic plan. (see Figure 1. below)

3. Appoint a lead to front dealing with service providers and service strategy who is tasked with getting the most from technology assets and provider engagement.

4. Ensure the chosen IT service provider has a culture and size agreeable to your organisation in order to facilitate engagement and communication.

5. Have clear, well documented, expectations of the service provider.

6. Regularly canvass users on issues and interactions related to technology service provision and compare these with expectations.

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