We'll help you review your technology provision.

For example, does your existing support team have the breadth and depth of experience to support and improve your technology?


BBright can help you adjust your existing spend and assess if managed services can provide more "bang for buck". 

We'll help you find the right technology partner.

Service Review

Are you getting good value for money from telco and technology providers?


Do existing service providers coordinate well or continually highlight each others faults? 

Application Inventory

What gets delivered, where, and to whom with your technology platform?

Is there duplication, redundant services or unrecognised needs?

Gap Analysis

Where is the current mix of service providers and applications failing?

What are the fix priorities?

Proposal Management

Given your application set and current gaps what solutions are on offer from service providers?

Service Engagement

What is the path of least disruption to migrate to a new service?

Change Review & Audit

Did we get what you expected?

Has the targeted budget been acheived?