You'll be working with Paul Montague who has twenty years of corporate IT and communications experience including key roles in high profile IT projects both here and in the UK.

While you won't get the latest buzz words from Paul, you'll get help to analyse your current service.


BBright is independent for a good reason, if a better service is available that's what we'll recommend.

The Broadband Right Story

After running internet upgrade projects for a number of clients Paul realised that Broadband, in particular ultra fast broadband, is actually a key enabler for better business technology support.


Fast internet offers huge potential for small and medium sized businesses to compete better in local and international markets by using tools that used to only be available to large organisations.


Acheiving better internal and external collaboration and customer engagement though requires a good partnership with an "on the ball" technology partner.

Managed service providers large and small, themselves, are currently being disrupted by new business models and international products.


Local distribution models in IT, as in business generally, are being broken through the change engine that is the internet.


Paul can help you rationalise your technology services and find an IT partner who will be an asset rather than just another cost.